Put a Birthday Bird On It!


My sisters friend turned 33 this weekend so we decided to make her a card which is a nod to one of our inside jokes.  She did the deciding, I did the making.  Isn’t it great how things turn out that way?


Inside jokes are always such great inspirations aren’t they?  Once upon a time, she showed us the ‘Put a Bird On It‘ video so this is our tribute to that memory.  Not only did we want to put a bird on the card but we put another bird in the bird!  This idea was inspired by one of Maile Belles posts.




Flocking Powder
Silhouette SD
Fiskar’s Corner Squeeze Punch (Yes, I finally gave in and invested in one.  I love it!)


Birthday Card: Nintendo DS

Idea: The little musketeer is turning 8 this weekend! Is it must me or is it super hard to come up with a good card idea for boys?

Inspiration: Thanks to Google Reader, I was able to go back to some of my favorite blogs and I was inspired to create a video game based card.  I liked the inspiration on Procrastination Station so much that I based this card on a similar composition.

I didn’t want to have the exact same note so I looked through my collection of templates and fell in love all over again with this Twig & Thistle sticker template.

Interesting Points:

  1. The number label is a design based on the Twig & Thistle homemade vanilla sticker.  Designing it was actually pretty simple.  In Adobe Illustrator, draw a circle, change the line to a dashed line and separate the dashes far enough apart and short enough to where it looks like little circles.  After that, just copy the same exact circle except offset each image just by a little.  Then center it all and voila!
  2. The background is a silhouette based on the Up Down Left Right buttons of a Nintendo DS.
  3. The ABXY buttons are placed at the bottom right like it is on the Nintendo DS.  I had created two versions of these buttons – and now that I look at the photo I’m glad I didn’t settle with the initial ones!  The first buttons and the letters were all cut from black card stock.  I wanted to give it a shiny button feel so I embossed it with black embossing powder. It turned out so yucky that I opted for a second, simpler solution.  Black buttons overlaid with white letters.  No embossing.  Much neater!
  4. The black and white black and white background of the ABXY buttons are flocked.  Here’s a tip with flocking – use spray adhesive.  The flock goes on evenly when using spray adhesive.  What a life saver!




Flocking Powder
Silhouette SD
Fiskar’s Corner Squeeze Punch