Laura Hooper Calligraphy

This Saturday, I found myself in Dabney Lee’s shop attending a calligraphy workshop taught by the wonderful Laura Hooper.  While practicing my light upstrokes and heavy downstrokes, I wondered to myself “How did I get here?”


I wasn’t actively looking to take a calligraphy class.  It just happened.  I’d like to call it fate.  It all started from one of my many browses of the hashtag #letterpress on instagram.  I have an affinity for maps and calligraphy so I gave Laura Hooper’s Instagram feed a browse and decided to follow her.


I’m not sure how long it was after I followed her but one day, this showed up on my feed.  Thanks to this post, the FOMO in me and, my never-dying love of all things calligraphy (letterpress, typography and maps), I instantly registered for Laura Hooper’s Calligraphy Workshop in Brooklyn, NY.


I arrived on my CitiBike 30 minutes early which means I was really eager and excited.  Within three hours (the duration of the workshop), I went from completely uncomfortable and not confident to quite pleased with my accomplishments.

Interesting Points:

In the words of Laura Hooper “Practice Makes Perfect”.