Sixtieth Birthday Card: Quilting


60th Birthday Card


She loves to sew.  This post by Stampin’ Pretty is one of many inspirations I found when googling ‘sew card quilt’.


You’ll see I didn’t stray too far from my inspiration.



Birthday Card: Dad Gone Fishing

Idea and Inspiration:

It’s been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. In that case, I’m the master flatterer. As the Master Flatterer I use tools like Pinterest to search for dad birthday cards and arrive at great inspirations such as Jacquii McLeay’s Dad Birthday card. Thank you Ms. McLeay!




Credit and many thanks to Krafty Pearl for all the wonderful craft supplies!

  • KaiserCraft Hunt & Gather Collection
  • K&C Company Assorted Designer Papers
  • Kaiser Scrapbook Rub-ons
  • Krylon Spray Adhesive
  • SeeSpotStamp Natural White Bakers Twine

Birthday Card: Color and Bind Your Birthday Bright


After a two year hiatus, I present to you a birthday card project. This year, D’s nieces turn 8. What do 8 year olds like?


During one of my bloghops to How about Orange, the typography-lover in me gravitated to her A good gallery of free fonts post. I found these two lovely fonts, Mosaic Leaf and Drop Type, which reminded me of coloring book pages. Almost 100% in tune to what I loved as a little girl, one of his nieces loves coloring in rainbow so it only made sense to me to make them a coloring book birthday card.

As an afterthought after I completed the design and production of the front cover, greeting page and coloring pages for this project, I realized I hadn’t thought about how I was assembling the pages. I reverted back to my old projects and narrowed it down to stitch binding or paper binding. I decided on stitch binding after discovering the wonderful art of Japanese Stab Binding.


The Essentials

  1. Graphic Design Software – Adobe Illustrator is my software of choice
  2. Color Printer
  3. Paper cutter (or box cutter and cutting mat)


  1. White Cardstock
  2. White Print Paper
  3. Kraft Cardstock

Project Specific Supplies

  1. Mosaic Leaf Font
  2. JL Hidden Vines Font – As much as I loved Drop Type, the font unfortunately didn’t have numbers so this was the next best thing
  3. Random Selection Illustrator Script
  4. Thread
  5. Needle
  6. Awl (or a nail and a hammer)
  7. Paper clips (or clothes pins)


The card comprised of 4 parts:

  1. Coloring pages
  2. Front Cover
  3. Greeting Page
  4. Binding

Colored Pages

For the coloring pages, each page was printed with a number from 1-8, and the font was hollowed out to its outlines (it’s a coloring book after all). I used Illustrator to make my 5″x7″ pages:

  1. Create 4 artboards
  2. On each artboard, draw 2 5″x7″ rectangle. These will serve as outlines for your print and cut.
  3. Within the rectangles, using your patterned typeface at a font size of ~400 pt, type a number
  4. Center each number to each of the rectangles
  5. Select all numbers and expand the font
  6. Reverse the coloring so that there is no fill color and only a line color

Front Cover

Using the same patterned font, I typed my cover message and made it a mosaic of colors.

  1. Create an artboard
  2. Draw a 5″x7″ rectangle
  3. Within the rectangle, using your patterned typeface, type your message
  4. Select the message and expand the font
  5. Hide all the other layers in the project and only display the newly typed message
  6. Select all paths of the message and ensure it is completely ungrouped and all compound paths are released
  7. Select the Random Selection Script, enter a percentage and change the color of the selection
  8. Select one of the paths of the original color
  9. Select all with the same fill color
  10. Repeat steps 7-9 until you have the desired mosaic of colors. With each repeat of the step, be sure the increase your percentage since your pool of paths is decreasing

Greeting Page

I wanted the greeting page to look a little like a subway sign. I used this wedding monogram as an inspiration. There isn’t much instruction here. Just type and adjust accordingly!


  1. Find a pattern you like (Using sources like Becca Making Faces)
  2. Assemble your coloring book (front cover, greeting pages, coloring pages and a sturdy back cover)
  3. Paper clip your coloring book together
  4. Stab (here is where the Awl or Hammer / Nail come in)
  5. Bind







Interesting Points:

I have an amusing story about the Awl. When I googled ‘Japanese Stab Binding’, one of the essential tools called for was an Awl. I had to google ‘Awl’ but once I saw a picture of one, I was pretty sure I saw one long ago in my dad’s old tool box but I never knew it’s name. At this time I’d like to blame the namelessness of the tool to the fact that I’m a 2nd gen Asian with parents that called an Awl the ‘big needle’ or whatever we felt described the tool. I took a chance and asked D if he had one in his tool box. Here’s how the dialog went:

M: ‘Would you happen to have an awl in your tool kit?’ (I wondered if I pronounced it right and if I did, whether he even knew what I was talking about)

D: ‘No. What are you trying to doing?’

M: ‘Stab binding.’ (I thought, ‘he’s going to ask what stab binding is next, isn’t he?’)

D: ‘Why don’t you use a nail and a hammer?’

The damn guy knew what an Awl was and was able to deduce what stab binding is! Well color me shock red! So, because of his fine contribution to my crafting world, this post is dedicated to him.

Birthday Card: Rainbows


A 30th Birthday is coming up.


I have to be honest – I was highly driven by one of Procrastination Station’s projects and almost none of this card is geared specifically to the recipient. I hope she likes it anyway.

I LOVE rainbows so when I saw the ROYGBV of the letters H A P P Y on Procrastination Station’s blog, I just had to reproduce it. The ‘happy’ are cut using the Lucida Bright font, offset by .025″ (see this previous post for the offset technique). The ‘birthday’ is cut using the Blackjack font. The vertical strips are stamped in white with a 50cent stamp. The butterfly is actually cut out of glossy paper which I pre-printed with grey ’30th’s.

If this were a game of who could reproduce a card, I would probably win it. If it were a game of unique ideas … not so much. Oh well – might as well hone in on my ‘talents’.




Font: Blackjack
Font: Lucida Bright
Silhouette SD
Wausau Creative Collection Classics Specialty Cardstock, 8.5 X 11 Inches
Alvin Double-sided Tape 1″x25′

Put a Birthday Bird On It!


My sisters friend turned 33 this weekend so we decided to make her a card which is a nod to one of our inside jokes.  She did the deciding, I did the making.  Isn’t it great how things turn out that way?


Inside jokes are always such great inspirations aren’t they?  Once upon a time, she showed us the ‘Put a Bird On It‘ video so this is our tribute to that memory.  Not only did we want to put a bird on the card but we put another bird in the bird!  This idea was inspired by one of Maile Belles posts.




Flocking Powder
Silhouette SD
Fiskar’s Corner Squeeze Punch (Yes, I finally gave in and invested in one.  I love it!)

Birthday Card: Nintendo DS

Idea: The little musketeer is turning 8 this weekend! Is it must me or is it super hard to come up with a good card idea for boys?

Inspiration: Thanks to Google Reader, I was able to go back to some of my favorite blogs and I was inspired to create a video game based card.  I liked the inspiration on Procrastination Station so much that I based this card on a similar composition.

I didn’t want to have the exact same note so I looked through my collection of templates and fell in love all over again with this Twig & Thistle sticker template.

Interesting Points:

  1. The number label is a design based on the Twig & Thistle homemade vanilla sticker.  Designing it was actually pretty simple.  In Adobe Illustrator, draw a circle, change the line to a dashed line and separate the dashes far enough apart and short enough to where it looks like little circles.  After that, just copy the same exact circle except offset each image just by a little.  Then center it all and voila!
  2. The background is a silhouette based on the Up Down Left Right buttons of a Nintendo DS.
  3. The ABXY buttons are placed at the bottom right like it is on the Nintendo DS.  I had created two versions of these buttons – and now that I look at the photo I’m glad I didn’t settle with the initial ones!  The first buttons and the letters were all cut from black card stock.  I wanted to give it a shiny button feel so I embossed it with black embossing powder. It turned out so yucky that I opted for a second, simpler solution.  Black buttons overlaid with white letters.  No embossing.  Much neater!
  4. The black and white black and white background of the ABXY buttons are flocked.  Here’s a tip with flocking – use spray adhesive.  The flock goes on evenly when using spray adhesive.  What a life saver!




Flocking Powder
Silhouette SD
Fiskar’s Corner Squeeze Punch