Gerber Onesies: Mustache, Aviators, Succulents and Chanel


I’m visiting my friend Dina and 1 month old Sofie today! Insert swoon face emoji here. My mom always said never visit someone’s home empty handed. Though my mom has never said it, I know she prefers to give a practical gift that will be used and abused over a pretty something. Each passing year has shown that I am my mother’s daughter.

I’ve been told by many mommies that their babies lived in their Onesies for a good part of their first few months. I couldn’t find a Onesies with the design and price I liked enough to give to the minimalist Dina so I assigned myself project.


Last year I hand-printed shirts for Dina’s Bachelorette Party. Using the same ink and technique, I designed prints that were close to my heart and quick to produce (I only came up with the idea late eyesterday evening).


  1. Tulip Soft Fabric Paint Metallic Gold
  2. Reynolds Freezer Paper
  3. Silhouette SD
  4. Iron
  5. Cardboard /  Something to line the back incase the fabric paint bleeds


  1. Prepare your design in Silhouette Studio.  Keep in mind the negative cuttings space will be used as the stencil.  Leave an 1″ + border of blank space around your design.  This will help avoid accidentally bleeding the paint to the outside of the design while painting.  I recommend that grouping of cuts be kept to a minimum.  For this project I grouped the mustache with the succulent and the chanel with the aviator sunglasses.  Freezer paper has a tendency to lift off the most tacky cutting mats once cuts are made.  Paper that lifts off the cutting mat can get caught and possibly damage your Silhouette machine.
  2. Place freezer paper wax side down on the cutting mat.  I recommend flattening your freezer paper if it came in a roll and ensuring the entire paper adheres to the cutting mat.  Rolled paper on an un-tacky mat will always lift from the cutting mat.
  3. Cut.  If you are using the latest Silhouette Ratchet-Style Blade, use a Material Type that calls for a blade setting of 2.  I selected ‘Heat Transfer Material – Smooth’.  Because my freezer paper was 15″ long, I cut the mustache and succulent on the top 6″, flipped the cutting mat upside down and cut the chanel and aviator sunglasses on the bottom 6″. Note that both designs were placed at the top 6″ of the mat.
  4. Place the onesie on an iron-safe surface.
  5. Place the cut stencil wax / shiny side down on the onesie.  If you want the design centered to the babies chest, draw an imaginary straight line from the armpits of the onesie using a ruler. Place the top of the design no more than 1″ over the ruler and center to the ruler.  If you have small pieces to iron, I recommend using tweezers and also placing the positive cut down as well. to keep the small negative pieces from shifting.
  6. Set your iron to the 2nd lowest setting with no steam.  On my Sunbeam iron, the setting is ‘Silk’.
  7. Remove the ruler and carefully iron until the was adheres to the onesie.  If you’re ironing to a synthetic fabric, be careful not to burn the shirt by ironing over the freezer paper only.  If the freezer paper is not adhering you can increase the heat setting on your iron but do so carefully.  If you’re ironing small negative pieces, using the edge of the iron, press down on the small piece.  If need be, also press down on the positive piece as it can be easily removed after ironed.
  8. If you placed the positive cut piece, now is the time to remove it.
  9. Place cardboard inside the onesie under the stencil area to prevent paint from seeping to the backside of the shirt.
  10. Paint!  I recommend painting from stencil into the middle of the design.  Painting from inside to the stencil runs the potential of ink bleeding under the stencil.
  11. Peel the stencil off slowly to avoid lifting any wet paint.




Wrap: Merry Green Christmas, Again.


I’ve been wrapping all presents in wrinkled brown packaging paper since 2011 and until the shipping companies stop stuffing their boxes with rolls of brown paper I will continue on this march.  We all know how much wrapping paper costs so my brown paper wrapping was initially inspired by saving money.  I’m also a big advocate of being ‘green’ so  reusing packaging paper makes this wrapping method even sweeter.  It warms my heart to know that there are others, as posted by Rachel Wray Thompson on Apartment Therapy’s Re-Nest (Gift Wrap Guide: Ideas for Reusing Old Wrapping Paper), that are also part of this green wrapping movement.


While my wrapping paper stays the same through all occasions, the embellishments continually get better and fresher each year.  Last year, I collected pine cones to decorate the tree.  In sticking with the theme of incorporating my landscaping into Christmas decorations, this year, I decided to use the pruning scraps from my juniper blueberry delight shrub and tie them around all the gifts using twine.



Interesting Points:

In the beginning, I was extra frugal with the paper usage.  Frugal with something obtained for free?  Funny right?  Well, thanks to the frugal gene that my mother passed on to me, after two years and many donations from family later, I have an over-abundance of brown paper.  Sometimes I’m tempted to use liberally but, if your’e doing the same as me, I advise you that as much as you’d like to, don’t abuse the availability of paper because you never know if and when the shipping companies will move to an alternative method of stuffing packages.  I cant imagine wrapping with foam popcorn – can you?

Wrapped: Keys to Philly

Each year, whenever the flame between D and I would start to feel weak, we’d book one night at a nice NYC hotel and play tourist for the weekend.  Some people would say that it’s a waste of money considering we live in the boroughs.  My response is – would you really put a price tag on love?

Don’t get me wrong – I am definitely a proponent of living below or within your means.  If you’re hurting financially, this probably isn’t the ‘relationship fire starter’ for you.  But the point is, all relationships need work.  A NYC weekend is our ‘work’.

I regress.  The NYC weekend retreat idea sparked a gift giving tradition in his family where for Christmas, his parents would give us a 1-2 night stay in NYC or another nearby city. This year, for their anniversary, we decided to return the favor and get them the Philly Pass (totally worth it by the way) which had to be wrapped up nice!


Philly boils over with history and everywhere you turn, there is a skeleton key.  And to give someone the Philly Pass is like giving them their own special key to Philly.  It was so obvious – I had to give them their own skeleton key to Philly.



Birthday Present: Papercraft Suitcase


So momma’s birthday came up real fast and I took my sweet time looking for her birthday present. I took too much time and now, after NYC was basically shut down because of Hurricane Irene, I don’t have time to get to the store to buy her luggage bags. I ordered them on Samsonite’s site a few minutes ago but they obviously will not get to me in time. I already have a birthday card ready for her but I obviously need an IOU gift.


I googled ‘papercraft suitcase template’ and I came up with this absolutely adorable suitcase template on Nelly Nest’s blog. Thank you miss Nelly Nest!

Blog hop over to Nelly Nest for Ingredients and Instructions!