Favors: 1st Communion

The 1st communion party favors were a success!

I have to give credit to Inspirations & Creations – Elizabeth Anne Designs: The Wedding Blog for the S’mores pop favors post.



Wrapped: First Communion

I’m pretty exhausted. I think I over did it by signing up for 4 projects to be completed in the same time frame. Two of the four are mass production projects. I’m surprised my cutting blade isn’t dull yet.

Here’s a sneak peak of one of the mass production projects I’m working on.


The idea:

60 Favors for a 1st Communion Party.

The inspiration:

In a previous post, I showed you the Easter gift I made for the 3 musketeers.  Grandma musketeer was inspired and asked if we could create white boxes for the 1st Communion Party.  Soitenly!

The project:

60 white chinese food boxes filled with Hershey kisses.  Box will indicate the musketeers name, the occasion, and date.  The desire was to have an image of a chalice and cross.

We tossed around a few ideas like “do we print on the box? Should we stick something on the box? Should we use customized ribbon?  Should we get custom print candies? Should we cut a silhouette onto the box?  Will the candy fall out of the silhouette?”

The outcome was a box designed to have the name, occasion, image of a chalice and date printed on one side, and a silhouette of a cross with a halo on the other (a cross would be too simple-looking to print and a chalice would be too difficult to decipher as a silhouette cut).

The Steps:

  1. Design the print layout. I toyed with fonts and finally came to a script that was legible enough for kids and fancy enough for adults.  Then I found a simple and elegant image of a chalice using Google.  The composition was centered and stacked starting with name, and occasion at the top, image in the center and date at the bottom.
  2. Design the silhouette cut. The easiest way to design a cut is to find existing dingbat fonts.  I found a beautiful Christian Crosses set on DaFont.com
  3. Print.
  4. Cut.
  5. Fold.
  6. Cut Transparency paper to a size that would cover the cross.
  7. Glue Transparency paper on the inside over the cross.
  8. Punch hole into the box.
  9. Cut ribbon to desired length.
  10. Tie ribbon to box.
  11. Repeat – but in the ‘mass production line’ way.



Shapes Used:


Lessons Learned:

1. Have all paper needed before mass producing.  I made the mistake of starting the project with 21 sheets of brochure paper and assuming Print Icon would still have the same paper in stock.   Now the other 39 boxes will be of a lighter paper weight and whiter in color.

2. Stick a small piece of the paper on the Silhouette cutting mat to test the tackiness before laying the entire sheet down.  In my case, the brochure paper stuck to the cutting mat like white on rice.  I was so pissed – it was a new cutting mat!

3. You CAN clean the Silhouette Cutting Mat [insert smiley face here]: So as a result of my blunder noted in the previous lesson learned, I kicked and screamed and ripped pieces of the brochure paper off the cutting mat all the way to my bathroom.  I figured the mat was shot anyway so what harm could I do by running it under water and scratching the brochure paper residue off with my finger nails?  The worse that could happen is the stickiness comes off with the residue right?  Well, what a pleasant surprise, with a little rubbing using a squeegee, the residue came off and my mat is almost like new!