Jute Twine Succulent Planters

I’m a sucker for cute little things so I’ll be damned if I didn’t buy a 4 ounce succulent each time I made a visit to the garden center at Lowes. My challenge is I can’t justify buying a pretty pot at anything more than the cost of the $2.95 succulent. I know. I’m cheap. It’s a real problem. But, I also can’t bear the look of the plain black plastic pot that comes with the succulent. Not to mention the black pot that absorbs heat probably isn’t very good for the succulents.

I’ve seen photos of tin cans wrapped in jute Twine. Why not jute twine pots?



Jute Twine

ELMERS No-Wrinkle Rubber Cement


The Bottle Challenge: Le Bon Lait vs. Lorina

Here I am, swooning, yet again, at the Le Bon Lait bottles. After reading Bunny Cake’s Father’s Day Treat post and spotting the ever enchanting Le Bon Lait bottles I once again searched the Oak Canopy Exchange & Napa Style for the exclusive Le Bon Lait bottles. I can’t even tell you how close I got to purchasing the darn things, especially since they’re on sale at Napa Style.

But then I looked up and spotted my wonderful Pink Lemonade bottle I picked up during the start of my project. Then I realized, the best purchased things in life have one purpose, and can serve a second … for free. 😉


Retirement Gift Part III: Apothecary Jar and Friends

After a little show-and-tell of the Bananas spice jar, the rest of the gang decided to join in and express themselves using spice jars too.

We included:
– Potty Mouth Soap with a hotel size bar of soap shaved down to fit.
– Salmon Fish Oil Gluten with Swedish fish candies.
– I Spy Hinjew with a mix of milk chocolate & white chocolate covered almonds and a brown jelly bean. (not photographed).

This was our way of saying “goodbye and remember all the good times”. Obviously to the outside reader, these sound absolutely ridiculous but then again, that’s why it’s called an inside joke.

It’s amazing what you can do with a printer, label template, the right fonts and scraps of brown paper bags. We’ll miss you Dennis.

30th Birthday Surprise

It all started 4 weeks ago. First the invitations. Then the envelope labels. Following that were the favors. And what’s a milestone birthday without a keepsake for the birthday boy? With all this, the gift wrapping for the presents have to be spectacular! Finally, to pull it all together, we consulted with owners of vintage goods to see they’d loan some to us as supplemental display items for the night.

The festivities are this weekend but here’s a sneak peek which, I’ve been dying to reveal. It is, after all, the reason I got into this full throttle arts & crafts kick.