My Succulent Addiction

I wish it didn’t take me this long to start a succulent journal. There’s so much I’ve learned and I wish I could look back and reference when and how I came to learn the information. Better late than never.

The first draft of this post talked about choosing the best pot. The second draft talked about the basics of growing a healthy succulent. Then I thought – if these posts are meant to document the knowledge and experience I have at the time, before I start entries upon entries of my knowledge, I should probably explain my experience to date. Maybe it doesn’t make sense but I’m thinking of this as a job interview. Before I start telling the world what I currently do, they need to know where I’ve been. A resume of sorts.

Years of Experience: 2 years 4 months
Start Date: September 2013
Total Number of Succulent Species: 22
Current Number of Succulents Species: 20
Number of successful propagations: 30
Pot of preference: Terra Cotta
Soil of preference: rock as lower layer, cactus soil + perlite mix as mid layer, dessert sand as top layer
USDA Plant Hardiness Zone: New York (Zone 7a)
Environment: Indoors. East and West facing window sills. 2 hours of direct sunlight in the Winter. 6 hours of directly sunlight in the Summer. Dry Winters and Humid Summers.

Funny, two years ago, I never would have thought to document the last 4 items. I guess I have come a long way.


Echeveria Perle Von Nurnberg

Echeveria Perle Von Nurnberg


I Digress – About Me & This Blog


Something has been nagging at me for quite some time and questions keep circling my mind about this blog. Questions like ‘Why am I blogging? What is my mission statement for this blog? Who is the audience? Will there be a standard? Should I proofread? Will this potentially be a launch pad for my marketability? Should I affiliate myself with other sites? Should I have opened this blog with a proper introduction stating who am I?’

About 50 mix-mosh Posts later, I present to you an introduction of me and my blog.

Hello surfers of the great big world wide web. I’m M, an IT consultant that straddles the Project Management realm. I enjoy what I do for work but, I also enjoy my new found hobby. I re-discovered my love for crafting (if that’s the right term) when I was asked to assist in planning my boyfriends 30th Birthday party.


  • blog about the things I’m crafting. I believe the initial intent was to help me keep a log of my past projects and also demonstrate how my creative thought-process (or lack thereof) is progressing.
  • don’t know what my craft style is.
  • love using Feedly to read the blogs of talented crafters.
  • use my iPhone to blog.
  • use my iPhone to take photos of my projects.
  • get my inspiration from Pinterest.

What’s in the name:

The name Meiling’s Mailings has a little bit of a story to it.

Meiling is my Chinese name.  I normally don’t use it but I recently returned from a trip to China with a souvenir of my chinese name custom etched into a rubber stamp.  As my creations started rolling off the production line, I paid homage to Hallmark and all other big name Greeting Card companies by signing my creations using my unique rubber stamp too.  When it came time to brand this blog, it only seemed right to use ‘Meiling’.

The ‘mailing’ part of the name is two fold.  It’s one part my corniness and two part the bulk of the creations I make.  I think it’s pretty evident once you start reading my blog that most of what I make are cards, albeit most are delivered by hand rather than postal service.  I would have picked the phrase ‘M Hand Delivered’ but the cheeseball in me fell in love with the jingle to ‘Meiling’s Mailings’.


I’ll call it the ‘How to get your creative juices structured’ blog.

The internet is loaded with plenty of how-to blogs about how to make a particular something. Well, the part I struggle with most is how one get to that ‘something’ in the first place. With that said, the project manager in me wants to dedicate this blog to defining the how-to’s of planning what you want the your next project to be.  We’re going to leverage the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and gather requirements, design, prototype and build.  SDLC the standard process I use to organize my work in my profession and I think it will help here.  Let’s consider it the Craft Development Life Cycle (CDLC).

In Conclusion:

I’m going to blog-organize by trial and error so please bear with me.  (Are there books out there about this?) I hope you enjoy reading about my creations and my journey of becoming blog – savvier.

❤ always,

Meiling’s Mailings