Signage: Engagement Announcement


A long time friend of mine is getting married to his perfect match.  He always said he would help me build my wedding invitation portfolio by commissioning me to do the job when the time came.  I half believed it not because I didn’t want the opportunity but because I didn’t want to get my hopes up.  After 7 agonizing months after he proposed to his love he finally inquired.  I’m so grateful!  Thank you GZ x infinity!

A week before their engagement photo shoot, his fiancé asked for advice on chalkboard signs.  I overzealously offered advice and assistance.  You have to understand, one month prior, I made four different chalkboard signs for my cousin’s wedding so I still had the chalkboard sign making fire in me!


The credit goes to GZ’s search through Instagram and Michael’s.  She found inspirations of people holding a polaroid shaped ‘frame’ at a bridal shower’s photo booth and she purchased a speech bubble shaped sign which she wanted to use for her dog.

We’re so pleased with the results!


Photo Credit: Nadra Photography


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