Save the Date: Letterpress Coasters Etc Part 2 – Assembly

The letterpress order is submitted, all printing items are printed, all shapes are cut.  This included addressing the envelopes (whether it be hand written, printed or affixed with a label), the accommodations card, the envelope liner and the anchor.

  1. Sit back and savor the fruits of your labor. Then contact the bride and encourage her to recruit her closest family members to a night of arts and crafts a la Penny Blossom Assembly Line.
  2. Prepare all raw materials. You should already know what it takes to complete the assembly if you made prototypes. These next steps are unique to this project but I think all paper projects follow the same principals.
  3. Complete one full assembly as a demonstration to the team.
  4. Assign one person to cut the required pieces of twine to the required length.
  5. Assign one person to glue the envelope liners.
  6. Once twine is cut, re-assign the twine cutter to tie the knot and bow around the cards.
  7. Once envelope liners are glued, re-assign the liner to stuff the envelopes.

Interesting Points:

Between me, my cousin and brother, we completed steps 1-6 for 75 save the dates and also fit in pizza for dinner in just 2 hours.






3 thoughts on “Save the Date: Letterpress Coasters Etc Part 2 – Assembly

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