Tagging Trash/Recycling Bins

Idea & Inspiration:
I picked up two new recycling pails from the county last month and they’ve been patiently waiting to get tagged with my address.

I couldn’t bear to go at it free hand with a paint brush and I couldn’t justify buying stencils since technically, MY Silhouette SD is a stencil maker. Instead of using expensive stencil paper, I decided to cut one of my favorite fonts (Engravers) on transparency film. I was doing this after work one night and due to my rule against going into the garage after dark, I opted for a sharpie rather than spray paint.

Interesting Points:

  • Make one stencil, cut out each letter, position and hold together with masking tape and reuse!
  • To keep the middle for letters like ‘P’, ‘O’, etc, make a cross using thin thread and tape down using masking tape.

The results make me so thrilled about taking out the trash and recyclables!






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