Birthday Card: Rainbows


A 30th Birthday is coming up.


I have to be honest – I was highly driven by one of Procrastination Station’s projects and almost none of this card is geared specifically to the recipient. I hope she likes it anyway.

I LOVE rainbows so when I saw the ROYGBV of the letters H A P P Y on Procrastination Station’s blog, I just had to reproduce it. The ‘happy’ are cut using the Lucida Bright font, offset by .025″ (see this previous post for the offset technique). The ‘birthday’ is cut using the Blackjack font. The vertical strips are stamped in white with a 50cent stamp. The butterfly is actually cut out of glossy paper which I pre-printed with grey ’30th’s.

If this were a game of who could reproduce a card, I would probably win it. If it were a game of unique ideas … not so much. Oh well – might as well hone in on my ‘talents’.




Font: Blackjack
Font: Lucida Bright
Silhouette SD
Wausau Creative Collection Classics Specialty Cardstock, 8.5 X 11 Inches
Alvin Double-sided Tape 1″x25′


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