Green Christmas Wrapping

Happy New Year!


A little belated but here are the beginnings of my Christmas Wrapping circa December 13th. The bigger, finished pile didn’t get photographed but all the wrapping accessories got returned to me! Everyone felt bad throwing the ribbon, etc away SO I got most of it back. Maybe next year they’ll get photographed, if I’m feeling ‘green’ again. 🙂


This year’s wrapping was inspired by ideas such as Design Sponge’s recycled gift toppers and Paper Crave’s creative wrapping embellishments.


Wrapping Paper: My creativity FINALLY came to me! I put away the left over paper from last year and pulled out reams of brown paper. The brown paper is courtesy of all the companies I ordered from that used these reams to stuff their packages.


Embellishments: I coupled the brown paper with an assortment of last years ribbons, the breakdown of my gold floral crown from last halloween’s Greek Goddess costume and pieces old jewelry.

Gift Tags: Ornament gift tags were courtesy of my Silhouette SD & Lori Whitlocks 3 Ornaments design.


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