It’s Not Alive!: Printer go bye bye

I am so bummed. This is probably what I deserve for being too lazy and not caring enough about my leaky ceiling from the freak storm last week.
Last night when I tried to print my DIY Spongbob pop-up card for D’s nephew, my printer, which happened to get dripped on, gave me a weird error. What do you mean “Remove and check cartridge on right”???
Please printer Gods, bring my HP photo printer back to life! My crafts depend on you! Should I try to make a Grilled Jesus and pray like Fynn did on Glee last night?
Anyway, before I discovered my comatosed printer, I was creating a Spongbob pop-up card template using one of the papercrafts as a baseline. Spongebob obviously also had to have a message to deliver so Google led me to some cool sites that have Free Speech Bubble Brushes for GIMP, Spongebob fonts and Disney fonts. I had to brush up on how to install brushes into GIMP but in the end, i’m happy with the results. Now, if only I could print the damn thing! No printed project, no pictures. 😦

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