Thank You Cards: Stamped, Glued and Yet to be Delivered

Where does the time go? It’s been 2 weeks since the big party and I’m still a bit upset at myself for not taking a single picture except for one shot with the birthday boy as he was cutting his cake. But, at least we have reminders of the special day (the ‘seeds of wisdom’ or more like ‘seeds of sarcastic jokes’ jar, the koozies, the sunflower seed favors, everyone else’s pictures of the bag pipers, the boylan’s rootbeer bottles, holes in the ground from the pitched tent, large mason jar centerpieces, and lots of play sand).

It is now up to D to send out the 30+ thank you cards that I made using leftovers from the invitations and a theme inspired by the ‘seeds of wisdom’. Lets see how long it takes for his hands to hurt from the writing.

I was inspired by Twig & Thistle’s surprise 30th birthday invitations envelopes. First of all, what a coincidence is it that the posting was for a surprise 30th Birthday? Secondly the timing couldn’t have been closer. D’s party was August 14th while the date on Twig & Thistle’s invitation says July 10th. It must be meant to be (insert smile here).

In any case, I loved the idea so, I used Gimp and Pages to bring the project to life. I also got a little help from the following resources:

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